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Our People

Atlantic’s people are passionate about the roles they play
in delivering our corporate strategy.

Whether it is through developing new processes and innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of our operations, helping us manage our business safely, developing long-term plans and strategies for growth, or exploring new opportunities via which to positively impact our local communities, our people are integral to our success as a company.

Here, our employees speak about their experiences of working for Atlantic.
Graduate Programmes
Balchan Jadoonanan – Health, Safety & Environment Manager

Atlantic supports the continuous development of its people. From programmes which guide career development, to programmes that support the development of the individual both physically and mentally, Atlantic continues to lead the way in ensuring the holistic development of its human resources. This dedication to its people makes Atlantic a truly great place to work.

Michelle Aquing – Process Safety Engineer II

Atlantic has a dynamic work environment, an exciting sport culture, a strong community presence and a noted environmental focus. To work at Atlantic means to work at an organisation that not only contributes to the nation’s growth, but also to one’s personal growth and development.

Part of my career development included moving from Process Engineering to a Process Safety Engineer role to lend support to the development and implementation of process safety initiatives.

Candice Gaines-Ramjohn – Team Lead – Supplier Relationship Management

Atlantic’s work environment is often described as dynamic. As an employee, you “hit the ground running” and quickly develop the capability to adapt to change and the fast-paced environment.

Over the past 10 years, this has been my experience in each of the departments in which I have worked – Projects, Finance and currently, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Transitioning through these various departmental roles provided me with the relevant exposure and knowledge to effect informed and positive improvements in my core function.

Courtney Matthew – Contract Performance Manager

When I joined Atlantic, I had the privilege of working alongside both expatriate and local employees who together successfully commissioned and started up the first LNG Train in Trinidad and Tobago.

Working at Atlantic gives professionals the opportunity to grow professionally in a dynamic and competitive global market.

During my time here, I have been able to develop my skills in the field of major rotating equipment, and have been part of the global network of GE Frame 5 turbine users. This is why I believe Atlantic is an employer of choice for professionals within the local oil and gas industry.