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We believe that access to education and skills training is at the heart of sustainable development.

Point Fortin’s Finest Leadership Development Programme
Since 2000 we have awarded scholarships to the top 10 students graduating from primary schools in Point Fortin. Graduates of the programme have gone on to careers in medicine, business, computer science, geology, engineering, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Atlantic National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) Skills Training
This programme supports technical and vocational skills training including welding and fabrication, pipe fitting and business fundamentals which widen opportunities for employment and open the door to entrepreneurship.

Atlantic/University of Trinidad and Tobago National Agricultural Business Training Programme
Stimulates the local agricultural sector by preparing farmers for the modern commercial enterprise. Since its inception, farmers have been trained in a range of enterprises including bee keeping, organic farming and animal rearing.

Local Economic Development

Atlantic’s LEND Agency (Loan for Enterprise and Network Development) continues to fuel the growth of new micro-entrepreneurs across Trinidad’s South West peninsula.

Lend aims to support the start-up and expansion of sustainable micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurs interested in business opportunities not related to the traditional oil and gas sector. It targets MSMEs in communities in the south-western region of Trinidad, including Point Fortin, La Brea, Chatham, Buenos Ayres, Cedros and Icacos, and offers credit facilities for qualifying borrowers. Since 2014 it has supported entrepreneurs in the fields of retail, agriculture, manufacturing and fishing.