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Creating Opportunity

All our energy is used to enable others to seize life-changing opportunities.

About Atlantic


Support for Future Generations.

Our commitment to sustainability is aligned to our Core Values of Safety, People and Performance as well as delivering value for the wider community.

Our sustainability commitment

Health, Safety, Security
& The Environment


Our Trains

Over our years of expansion, between 1999 – 2005, we first, tripled the capacity of Train 1 with Trains 2 and 3, and then nearly doubled Train 1’s capacity with the construction of Train 4. The facility’s full capacity is 15 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG.

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is simply natural gas in its liquid form, and continues to be the most economical way to move natural gas from key production areas to importing countries. It is the same natural gas millions of homeowners use every day.

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Helping to Energize Sustainable Opportunities

Atlantic is pleased to share our 16th Sustainability Report. This report provides detailed information on our performance during 2019 in key areas of our business. It also demonstrates how our Sustainability efforts continue to create value for our stakeholders and positively impact the wider society in which we operate.

2021 Sustainability Report