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Our Environmental Commitment

Atlantic is dedicated to environmental principles which foster environmental protection and a sustainable future. We are committed to creating opportunities within our operations and our interested parties, to promote environmentally sound performance.

We will do this through pollution prevention, setting environmental objectives, fulfilling compliance obligations, continuous improvement and our commitment to environmental leadership.

Our Environmental Management System

Atlantic is proud to have maintained a certified Environmental Management System (EMS) since 2001, which is in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. The system is regularly audited by an independent registrar.

The scope of the EMS includes:

  • Trains 1, 2, 3 and 4 located at Point Fortin to include production, pre-treatment and storage of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • The LNG loading jetties (Jetty 1 and Jetty 2)
  • Warehouse, Maintenance Shop, Occupational Health Unit, Fire Building, Process Laboratory Unit, Chemical Storage Facility
  • Corporate Offices located in Point Fortin and Port of Spain
  • Activities conducted by Atlantic Leadership Team; CEO Direct Reports; CEO Office; COO Office; COO Direct Reports; Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Crisis Management and Emergency Response; Commercial and Strategy; Law and Corporate Affairs; Finance and Planning; Corporate Operations; Procurement and Supply Chain Management; Human Resources; Internal Audit; Production;  Maintenance; Engineering and Projects; Technical Assurance.


The intended outcomes of the EMS include:

  • Fulfilling regulatory compliance obligations and “adopted” Interested Parties needs/expectations that Atlantic has documented is applicable to its Organization
  • Enhancing environmental performance through protecting the environment
  • Achieving the organisations environmental objectives (GHG/Energy Management Plan, Effluent Management, Waste Management etc.)
  • Drive long term cost efficiencies through effective implementation of the EMS
Environmental Monitoring

We are committed to ensuring we minimise any potential impact on the environment that could arise from our operations. This is enabled by our certified ISO 14001:2015 EMS framework and specifically by our environmental monitoring programme, which addresses the monitoring requirements of local environmental rules and permits. At our facility we measure environmental conditions such as ambient air quality and noise levels to ensure that we not only comply with environmental legislation, but also sustain a safe work environment for our employees and minimise any negative effects on the surrounding community.

Our commitment to ensuring that we protect the environment in which we operate is characterised by robust waste management programmes and monitoring programmes. We also encourage and support all of our employees and service providers to recycle their waste to the extent that we have provided a facility for employees to bring their segregated waste to work from where we process and send to the applicable recycling companies.

Stakeholder Engagement

We recognise the importance of engaging our stakeholders, including employees, service providers and members of the community, on environmental issues and concerns, and have developed several initiatives which support environmental stewardship.