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About Us


To be a strong company on the outside, we must be a strong company on the inside.

At Atlantic, integrity and ethical conduct have always been at the core of how we operate. Atlantic’s Core Values, Business Principles and Code of Ethics embody our commitment to strong ethical standards of business conduct. These are the cornerstones of our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Programme which demonstrates our commitment to the highest ethical and legal standards. Atlantic’s Code of Ethics and Anti-Bribery Policy are crucial to building and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders and business partners. They provide the core principles that drive the culture of integrity and honesty that Atlantic strives for across all areas of its business.

Our employees, contractors and business partners have a critical role in maintaining Atlantic’s reputation and applying the highest ethical standards in everything they do. Atlantic’s Code of Ethics and Anti-Bribery Policy were developed to guide all our stakeholders on how they can maintain compliance with these principles.

Governance Policies

Atlantic’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Programme – Aims to reduce and where possible eliminate fraud, bribery, and corruption within the company’s daily operation.

The Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Policy – is a comprehensive document which establishes Atlantic’s zero tolerance for any form of corruption or illegal behaviour.  This document places a strict obligation on the company to keep accurate books and records that fairly reflect our transactions and disposition of assets in sufficient details to facilitate a full understanding and audit trail. Read our ABC Policy here.

Business Principles – Establishes our commitment to the highest ethical standards in our business operations. All persons associated with Atlantic’s operations are therefore required to make the responsible choice in their daily functions in accordance with the Ethical Standards set out in the Code of Ethics. Read the principles here.

Code of Ethics – The Code provides guidance on how we deal with each other and how we are to treat everyone with whom we interact in our daily functions.

Speak Out – This programme facilitates confidential and anonymous reporting via a telephone hotline, via the internet or in writing.

Assurance Committee – Is appointed by the Members to assist them in discharging their oversight responsibilities and in reviewing the effectiveness of the Company’s internal controls. These include the evaluation and assessment of issues and processes related to ethics, compliance with policies and procedures, corporate governance, risk identification and management.