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Safety and Security

Safety is the cornerstone of our culture. We will do it safely, or we will not do it.

Using the ‘One Team’ approach, Atlantic’s safety culture and performance is one that encompasses and empowers all employees and service providers as partners in our journey to world class.

Our methodology emphasizes both Personal and Process Safety as equally important pillars in ensuring the wellbeing of our employees, service providers, visitors, and our physical assets.

On the personal level, our Control of Work framework describes our integrated approach to incorporate safety and risk mitigation into every activity. This includes:

Planning and Controlling the work – We rigorously plan and control all activities through our Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) and Competency Management and Assurance System (CMAS).

Assessing and managing the risk – We identify the potential risks associated with our business and continuously work to reduce the likelihood of these risks occurring.

Auditing and capturing any learnings – We continuously check that all controls are in place through regular audits and capture and share key learnings throughout the organization.

Stopping all unsafe work – ALL employees and service providers are empowered to stop work that is unsafe and effectively collaborate to ensure that the work only resumes when it is safe to do so.

Our approach to safety includes:

Our ‘Just Culture’ philosophy that creates an atmosphere of trust and encourages the providing of safety-related information while also establishing a clear understanding between acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour.

Safe Work practices for high risk activities, an electronic permit to work system and a Fit-for-Work policy.

Contractor Management through the implementation of Atlantic-specific programmes such as our Contractor Performance Management Process, and industry-driven initiatives such as the Safe-to-Work (STOW) certification.

Through AIMS our goal is to say with certainty that “our assets are safe, and we know it”.

This system aims to prevent the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons, chemicals, hazardous materials and other high-energy sources into the atmosphere, water, or ground. It also seeks to prevent the failure of equipment and infrastructure to avoid harm to people, the environment, and assets.

All security risks be they physical or technological are treated with urgency. Our response seeks to protect human life, the environment and company assets. Through engagement, we have built strong relationships with local and international government security agencies and other relevant organisations to raise awareness and improve the security of our facilities and community.