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Our Commitment

Since 2000, when the first 10 students were inducted into our first initiative, the Point Fortin’s Finest Leadership Development Programme, approximately 20,000 individuals and over 300 schools on an annual basis have become beneficiaries of Atlantic’s sustainability initiatives.
Our Commitment

Corporate social responsibility means enabling the economic and social betterment of Trinidad & Tobago. At Atlantic we are committed to developing our business in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible way, adding value for our stakeholders while being a force for good for our nation and the planet.

This commitment to sustainability is aligned with our Core Values of Safety, Performance, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork, and is incorporated into our daily activities and decision-making processes. We are committed to conducting our business operations in an ethical and transparent way, respecting human rights and corporate governance and encourage the same with our stakeholders and partners.

Being a force for good means:

  • Promoting the advancement of the local community by fostering capacity-building, education, social progress and the creation of business opportunities
  • Practising responsible environmental stewardship and minimising adverse impacts to the environment by recycling and reducing waste and emissions because of our processes
  • Strengthening our suppliers by setting high social, environmental and quality standards along the supply chain and developing their capacities
  • Enabling our employees by investing in their potential and using their capacities as agents of change
  • Building strong partnerships on regional, national and global levels to achieve common objectives for a better future