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ACE gets Coaches ready for Atlantic Primary School Cricket season


Just ahead of the 2018 primary school cricket season, Cricket Australia has trained another 65 primary school coaches to international standards as part of the Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) annual certification initiative.

In a recent four day seminar held at the National Cricket Centre, this year’s intervention by Cricket Australia certified 40 coaches to the Level One standard and 25 coaches to Level Two.

Anil Seunath, Atlantic’s Branding Officer said that the ACE Programme equipped coaches to unlock potential in the thousands of students who take part in the annual Atlantic National Primary Schools Cricket League.

“Since we introduced ACE in 2012, Atlantic has seen a step change in the cricketing skills of many schools in the League, across all the educational districts,” Seunath said. “The children’s performance speaks for itself.  Arming the coaches with international best practices helps them to bring out the best in the children.”

Established in 2012, the Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) programme certifies primary schools cricket and football coaches to international standards.  To date over 400 cricket coaches and over 300 football coaches have been trained and certified.

On Friday April 20, The Atlantic National Primary Schools Cricket League bowls off at the Rochard Douglas Recreational Ground with an opening match between 2017 champion school Montrose Government and Rochard Douglas Presbyterian.