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Atlantic Operator Technicians seconded to Prelude FLNG



As work continues on Shell’s Prelude – the world’s largest floating production platform for liquefied natural gas (LNG) – two technicians from LNG production company Atlantic will lend their many years of experience in LNG operations to the platform’s commissioning team.

Atlantic Operator Technicians Nigel Bailey and Dirk Patrick, who helped with the startup and commissioning of Atlantic’s Trains 2 and 3 in 2002, will be seconded for a year to the Prelude as Start-Up Operators, responsible for assisting with commissioning, start-up, and initial operations.

Nadia McCarthy, Atlantic’s Vice-President of Human Resources said that while Bailey and Patrick will be sharing their technical experience in Trinidad’s LNG business with their Prelude colleagues, the two secondees will also be exposed to other global best practices in LNG operations.

“Nigel and Dirk are examples of the world-class expertise in LNG operations that Trinidad has developed in its 20-plus years in the global industry,” McCarthy said. “Atlantic continues to work with our shareholders to create opportunities for our people to share their knowledge with other facilities. Opportunities like this one leverage our employees’ experience, but it also helps them to develop new skills and grow in their professional capabilities.”

The secondment is part of Atlantic’s commitment to the capability growth of its employees through the exchange of technical experience, knowledge and global best practices. Since 2012, the company has been actively seeking exchange opportunities and has arranged exchanges with LNG production facilities in Australia and Egypt.

LNG facilities convert natural gas into liquid form, which is loaded onto specialized carriers for transport and sale overseas.  The Prelude – described by industry analysts as the largest floating natural gas production platform ever built – is one of a fewsuch facilities designed to operate offshore and in close proximity to natural gas fields.  The Prelude is currently moored offshore Western Australia and when fully operational will be expected to have peak production of 3.6 million tonnes of LNG per year.