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Atlantic Employees help with pandemic call centre duty



During the period of stay-at-home measures to combat the pandemic, United Way of Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) called for volunteers to assist with its relief efforts.  Employees of LNG production company Atlantic answered the call and donated portions of their time working from home to serve as remote call centre operators for the National Time of Caring COVID-19 Remote Call Centre Volunteer Operator Project.

For two months, volunteers on the project fielded calls from the public, assisting them with accessing special Government social support grants.  One Atlantic volunteer, Marine Manager Michael Scipio, said that he was eager to take advantage of the volunteer opportunity and contribute to the national relief effort.

“There are people out there who need help and I figured that out of 24 hours in a day, I must be able to find at least a half hour or hour to help,” Scipio said. “Help does not have to be in the form of money. This has been a rewarding experience and UWTT is doing great work here in the country. I have already expressed my willingness to volunteer for any UWTT initiatives in the future.”

Stacey Bowen, Atlantic Receptionist, highlighted the boundless support from UWTT employees as the volunteers assumed their duties.

“One of my challenges was the amount of detailed information and instructions that needed to be understood to guide applicants,” Bowen said. “However, UWTT representatives were always right there during shifts ‘holding our hands’ until we were on top of the information. This project gave me the opportunity to be of valuable assistance to others during this crisis.”

Atlantic has a legacy of partnering with NGOs to facilitate sustainable development across Trinidad and Tobago in the areas of sport, education, local economic development and the environment.  Recently, UWTT recognized Atlantic’s support to NGOs engaged in community development and other social support services across the country.  Over its 20 year partnership with UWTT, Atlantic has consistently been among the top 5 donors to the national non-profit organisation, often contributing the highest value in terms of employee donations.

In addition to its monetary contributions and support to United Way’s regional and local disaster relief efforts, Atlantic has also contributed significantly through its volunteerism.  Since 2013, the company has participated in UWTT’s Day of Caring initiative.  For last year’s Day of Caring, Atlantic employees participated in restoration and painting activities at the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust.  In 2018, they painted and prepped the play area of Servol’s Forres Park ECCE.

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