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Talented Interns Contribute to Atlantic’s Operations

Over the past two years, 18 interns contributed to LNG production company Atlantic’s business operations while gaining valuable experience in their respective fields. From 2018-2020, eight Graduate Interns and 10 Maintenance Interns were afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in projects involving information technology, reliability engineering, HSSE, and internal audit where they had the chance to support significant work in the company. Some of these projects included improving the technology and interface designs being deployed, building apps, creating models to improve process safety, taking part in and supporting maintenance activities, conducting audits, and organising and executing a number of volunteer initiatives in and around the Point Fortin community.

During a virtual recognition ceremony hosted on Thursday July 30, the interns were joined by their supervisors and Atlantic’s leadership team for a send-off that highlighted not only the value they added to the company, but the individual talents which shone throughout their tenure.

One of the supervisors present at the recognition event was Process Safety Team Lead at Atlantic, Rae-Ann Joseph. Joseph expressed how valuable the interns were to the organisation through their efforts.

“The interns’ many accomplishments contributed value not only to Atlantic’s bottom line in terms of delivery for core business areas, but they also contributed through their energy, volunteer efforts, and talent,” she said. “They also provided us with the opportunity to transfer our knowledge of the industry to the next generation of Trinidad and Tobago’s energy professionals.”

The interns also shared their sentiments on being part of the programme which provided them with valuable work experience in their respective fields, while gaining first-hand experience of many projects across the company.

“My experience at Atlantic has been invaluable,” said Kara de Souza, Process Engineering Graduate Intern. “I was able to meet amazing people and learn so much about Process Engineering and other disciplines along the way. The opportunity to learn about the business of LNG by immersing myself in the work, and the improvements implemented on the facility over time has taught me what it means to work towards being an industry leader.” Apart from the professional development and exposure in their fields of study, the internship also provided valuable opportunities for personal development. “

This experience has been mind-blowing. As a mechanical engineer, I was also able to acquire so much knowledge and experience and I feel much more confident in my ability to fill the engineering function,” said Shannon Sundersingh, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Intern. “

This internship had the steepest learning curve I’ve encountered in my young career, but the challenge itself afforded me the greatest personal growth yet.”

Although their internship has come to an end, the show must go on for these young professionals who expressed great confidence about embarking into the world of work and tackling the challenges that lie ahead.

This internship taught us that by being persistent and approaching our challenges with positive attitudes, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to,” said Kevin Repoll, Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance Intern. “It allows us to go forward and reflect the knowledge, responsibility, and culture we have gained. It also prepared us for the world of work while nurturing a willing and a winning mindset when challenges arise.”

Joseph expressed confidence in the interns as she and the Atlantic team bid them farewell and best of luck on their journey ahead saying, “This energetic group of smart, talented and innovative young people worked hard to deliver on assigned milestones and helped contribute to Atlantic’s goals and objectives. They can now take what they have learned from an industry leader and embed it in their future workplaces, organisations and communities.”

Since its inception in 2007, the Graduate Internship Programme and Maintenance Internship Programme have welcomed 179 interns into Atlantic; 56 of whom currently hold permanent positions at the company.

Atlantic is proud of its internship programmes which provide a springboard for graduates to gain first-hand experience in their fields and the chance to grow as professionals through the many opportunities offered. These internship programmes along with Atlantic’s other sustainability initiatives underscore a commitment to inspire the next generation while making significant contributions to youth and national development.

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