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Atlantic Celebrates Daughter of Employees for Top 2021 SEA Performance


In celebration of her outstanding performance, Atlantic will award Kirsten Ramsaran, who scored full marks in the 2021 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exams, with an annual bursary for each year of her secondary school career. Kirsten, who produced a perfect score in all three subject areas Creative Writing, Mathematics, and Language Arts; is the daughter of Anushka Goomansingh-Ramsaran and Brent Ramsaran, longstanding Atlantic employees each with over 15 years’ service to the company.

Kirsten’s formal education started at Atlantic’s former day-care facilities in Point Fortin, and it was this institution and its approach to early childhood development that Ramsaran’s parents’ credit with laying the foundation for their daughter’s success.

Speaking proudly of her daughter’s outstanding achievement, Anushka Goomansingh-Ramsaran said, “The focus of Atlantic’s day-care was on her overall upbringing and well-being. At age three she was exposed to the highly accredited Montessori learning method deployed very professionally by highly skilled and trained teachers. Extra- curricular activities such as swimming, music, football & gymnastics were also offered by Atlantic and positively contributed to Kirsten’s development as a well-adjusted pre-schooler.”

Goomansingh-Ramsaran credited Atlantic’s day-care with establishing a holistic view of Kirsten’s wellbeing from education to exercise and diet which set her up for a successful start to primary school. Kirsten also attended Atlantic’s vacation camps which helped to provide a creative outlet for the children of employees during the extended July/August vacation period. This balanced and focused approach to learning and education continued at the Rousillac Presbyterian School.

Atlantic’s Vice President Corporate Operations and Transformation, Toni Sirju-Ramnarine said the decision to recognize and reward Kirsten’s achievement was an easy one to make. “This is a proud moment for everyone at Atlantic, and we congratulate Kirsten and her parents on this outstanding achievement. Education is not just a pillar of our corporate sustainability efforts, but a commitment that we have long made to our employees and the extended Atlantic Team. We started our day-care facilities long before the establishment of remote and hybrid ways of working because we wanted employees, many of whom had long commute times to be secure in the knowledge that their children were being taken care of within a safe environment, close to their place of work. We are very proud of Kirsten’s efforts, and we wish her every success as she continues her educational journey at Naparima Girls High School.”

Speaking on her place as top SEA performer, Kirsten shared that she is very grateful and humbled by her performance and remains thankful. She is determined to continue to work hard so that she can succeed and become a responsible contributing adult to society.

In addition to the annual bursary, Ramsaran will receive additional items of support from Atlantic. Atlantic also extends its congratulations to all the students of the former Point Fortin and Port of Spain day-care centres who excelled at this year’s SEA examination.

With the emergence of remote and hybrid ways of working, parents at Atlantic now benefit from company sponsored and supported vacation camps with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. These camps exist alongside initiatives such as the Atlantic Literacy and Numeracy Programme within Point Fortin area schools and work together to build life and future skills which are an important precursor to success in later life.