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Atlantic CEO says Holistic Well-Being of Employees Key to Success in the New Era


Strategies to enhance the holistic well-being of employees will be a key success factor for companies and countries in the new competitive global marketplace.  This perspective was shared by Ronald Adams, CEO of LNG producer Atlantic during his remarks today (October 25) at the opening ceremony for the 25th Annual Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Conference staged by AMCHAM T&T.

Citing the potentially harmful effects of the global pandemic on the mental health of people all over the world, Adams explained that developing the right mentalities will help people and organizations chart a way forward in the crisis.

“When leaders care genuinely about the health and wellbeing of their people, business outcomes and HSSE performance are improved,” Adams said.  “In the new context, one source of our competitive advantage will come from how well leaders support our employees and our people to believe in their ability to achieve.”

Adams also highlighted that a new priority on learning, research and development will help to unearth additional sources of competitive advantage.  He remarked that, “The critical need of the hour is that we build support systems and public sector/private sector partnerships that help our local experts and students bring viable ideas to the new marketplace.”

The Atlantic CEO also emphasized that Trinidad and Tobago’s LNG industry should continue evolving to remain relevant within the ongoing global energy transition.  He explained that in the transformation of the global energy industry from fossil-based fuels to renewable energy, LNG will play a key bridging role given its status as the cleanest fossil fuel.

“Global demand for LNG is forecast to increase by 200% over the next twenty years,” Adams said and acknowledged current shortfalls in domestic gas supply.  He explained that until the return to a degree of normalcy in local supply of natural gas in the latter half of the decade, Atlantic will retain focus on increasing the energy efficiency, reliability and availability of its operations.

“We will also continue to work with all our peers and all stakeholders in the local energy sector to develop additional carbon abatement strategies that fortify Trinidad and Tobago’s status in global energy,” Adams said.