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Atlantic CEO says Technology and Hybrid Work are key to Future Energy Sector Productivity

Atlantic CEO Ron Adams has pegged technology and hybrid ways of working as crucial to enhanced productivity and competitiveness in the energy sector workplace of the future.

 Speaking yesterday (July 13) at the “C-Suite Conversations: The Future of Work” conference hosted by the Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago (HRMATT), Adams explained that a major finding from the pandemic was that for many companies and professions, employees do not have to be physically present to deliver high performance.

“I think the challenge for organizations now is how to create the space for a successful hybrid working model of physical and virtual work, in a way that does not compromise the benefits that have been realized over the past two years,” Adams said. “The future of work is hybrid, and as leaders we must think differently about how we motivate our people.”

Adams highlighted that while organisations benefitted from bringing employees together physically to collaborate and solve problems, there was an imperative for investment in digital tools that empower remote work, especially in the energy sector.

“Over the history of the oil & gas industry, there have been events that none of us ever want to see repeated,” Adams said.  “The ability to use technology to access and inspect areas that have special requirements, and which come with a higher risk profile without putting our personnel at risk, will help leapfrog us into the future, improve our competitive profile and allow us to create an environment where today’s employees and the employees of the future, want to work.”

Adams cited the critical role of human resources practitioners in this process, who can help businesses harness the talent of today’s diverse workforce.  “Leadership is also vital,” Adams added.  “Leaders have to create a safe space where persons of different backgrounds and abilities coexist, work together and thrive for the ultimate success of the company.”